Month: January 2017

Back to the ocean

I’ve been working so hard on upping my silversmithing skills, and working to make pieces that incorporate both silver and glass of late. It’s a lot of work and hard and frustrating but also fun and exciting. Each piece takes me a lot longer, however, and I have a jewelry trunk show coming up in […]

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Emerging from the Snow

Depending on if you have been watching the news or not, the Pacific Northwest was pretty buried for the last week, especially in cities and areas that are not used to a bunch of snow, real quick. As a result, along with freezing temperatures for days on end, those of us in the Portland metro […]

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Tuesday Nights

Non-maker post subject ahead. *grin*   I still sleep with my son on Tuesday nights. Sometimes, he talks me into more than one time a week. It’s very hard for me to say no.   I read somewhere recently that the basic job of being a mother, in the grand scale, is to push your […]

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