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Art in the Village Art Show This Weekend

It’s sure hard to come up with blog entries right now when the world is so … whatever it is. I haven’t been doing shows, and selling online isn’t always easy, but I have been spending the time learning alot about metal work, silver, glass, trying to push my skills even further, in hope of some really new and different work in the future.

As part of this I have been slowly working towards upgrading my glass tool hardware, namely, my torch. I have had the same torch for the last 12 years or so, something called a GTT Lynx, and I love it.

But with some of the future goals I have with my glass, I need something with more power, more heat, a wider heat, to keep more glass molten and soft at the same time. But to do that, I need more oxygen, which means more powerful oxygen concentrators. Mine are all medical ones that have been retired, and I managed to find two over the past few months. So those are here, and next is the torch.

I am hoping to do that next month, and start taking some of the things I have been learning, where I have run up against wall of the limits of the flame I have, and keep going.

So that’s … exciting for the future.

This weekend I am doing a very small outdoor show in Multnomah Village, at the small gallery I am in there, called Art in the Village.

We are setting up a small tent with a few of our artists in the parking lot to enjoy the sunshine and nice weather, and create a safe space to check out some art without having to go indoors, for those who are concerned about that.

The gallery is right across the street from the Post Office at the west side of town, I will be there with juicy silver, gemstone and art glass jewelry. It would be great to see you if you are up for it!

Stay safe. I’m really looking forward to when we can meet in person at shows again.

Love and art to you, and the best fall possible in these crazy days.