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Can I take a breath?

Gathering of the Guilds is done for another year.


It was fun! But it did have challenges for me this year.


Moving my booth to CMAG, the Creative Metal Arts Guild, was going to cause some steps backwards in my business, as far as the show was concerned. I had new people to introduce myself to, new procedures for guild workings and show flow to learn and figure out, and I had to present my work in a new way, and offer it within a different context from previous years. Plus, I’d lose people. They wouldn’t know where I went, or wouldn’t recognize me surrounded by metal work and higher end jewelry vs. the glass artists making dishes and bowls and clocks I used to be surrounded by.

In some ways, it was starting over. I have to regain my ground of loyal fans, to a degree. Not as much as if I was just starting out completely for the first time, but I have lost some momentum by switching it up. It will take time, years, probably, to regain a following like I had before, when it comes to this big show that I love.

But it’s just one venue, one show a year. So much room for growth and new venues, and new work to fill them! And when the show rolls around next year, things will look very different. Different price points, different types of work, different levels of complexity of work, and new skills, always adding to the toolbox. I’m eager to see where I am a year from now.

So now my hands and eyes and designs and work swing towards the summer. I’ve got a couple galleries to get to work to, and I need to start thinking about what comes next. What skills I want to add and what new visual components to my work. And I am eager to dig in.

And I’m so excited the days are longer, the trees are bursting into greens and the flowers are throwing their riots of colors around. And, a big deal here in the northwest… it’s almost STRAWBERRY TIME.

I can’t wait!