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Summer got away! Every year I try to keep it around enticing it with froofy drinks and such, but it always wants independence.

It sure took up a lot of my work time this season, I realized it had been weeks since I posted.

But that’s how summer should be, perhaps, full of memory making. But now my son is back in school, and Portland Open Studios is around the corner, and inventory for that is my priority, once I finish a commissioned piece. It’s a lovely hollow form, like my Infrastructure line, but with a personal connection to the subject matter. It’s also more complex than any of the hollow forms I have done in terms of overall elements of design.


Each side is part of a horizon line. Inside, glass holds sand from beaches found on that horizon line. The pendant is a memory of a place soon to be left for new adventures, but never forgotten.

I have enjoyed it immensely, and hope to have it complete by the end of the week. After that, it’s headlong into inventory for Open Studios, and the holiday season.

Plus icicles! It’s time to make the stash of icicle ornaments for my vendors! It’s going to be a busy rest of September and Fall.

But, I hope to be making memories too, just like in summer. Maybe apple picking, or at least, apple pie baking from the small tree in the backyard. Halloween. The usual fall enticements. Maybe it’s not so bad summer didn’t stick around. I wouldn’t want fall to feel lonely. =)