juiceglass was born in 2003. Before I dove into the world of art glass and metalsmithing, I was a web developer in San Francisco during the original dotcom years. I worked for a large company that made immense commerce websites, writing front-end code in table format before CSS was even born. It was a wonderful career at a wonderful time to be in my twenties in the thick of the new age.
What it has left in my brain is just enough knowledge to make me feel I don’t need to hire someone to create and manage my website, which may or may not be true.
During all these years, from the early beginnings of the Web to now, email has made it all have purpose. Conversation, a line of human thought through the web code aether where I built things, but not with my hands, not things I could touch. Other humans though, could be touched through email.
So if you are inclined to write about anything at all, a piece of my work you like, or a part of my website you don’t, please go for it. Make these electronic bits and bobs real, and and join my newsletter, or just drop me a line.
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I’m never gonna give you up (to Rick Astley) or third parties.


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