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Fish Fry

I look forward to summer a little more each year, I think.

Today it’s raining here in the Portland, OR area, and I kinda like it. Soon the rains will stop for a few months and things will heat up, and while summer is a wonderful time to enjoy the sun while surrounded by the greenery that the rain provides, it does mean watering the garden and turning on fans. Most folks here do not miss the rainy months, but there is something about the dripping lushness of the trees and world when it rains.

Plus, strawberries. It’s STRAWBERRY time and it only lasts literally a few weeks, for the best ones of the season. They are so fragile they can’t ship anywhere and are a completely different experience than the ones found usually in the supermarket. A container must be eaten the same day it is bought, so I usually buy one at least every other day and chow down until like that, they are gone until next year.

So fleeting. But maybe why they are so delicious, and perhaps summer is the same, so fleeting compared to the rainy months.

Anyway, the long days are great for good light in the studio, and I’m trying to get back to work in earnest. It’s been a hard month, as the last blog post alluded to, and things are slowly moving forward in life, as they always do. I have found it hard to settle in at the bench, I miss my shop cat, who was there with me most days. It is just so very QUIET, with no other soul there with me. I was avoiding the studio at first, but work demands I keep going.

It’s a bad idea to have one’s heart set on a specific show, or gallery, but I have for awhile. I’ve applied a few times and gotten rejected, and that’s something I expected. It is a HARD show to get in. My new strategy is to find a different kind of work to submit each year. And it involves… fish.

These are the first two, ever, that I have made. They are pretty small, less than an inch across. I have a long way to go with them before they look the way I want. And then, once they do, I need to sort out ways to incorporate them.

I am hoping to have a few decent ones to take to my Andy Cooperman class in July, which is about setting oddly shaped things.

So I expect a lot of fish to line up around here. I’m using enamels and powders with them, something new for me. I don’t have it all managed yet to keep things clean and not wasted, in terms of excess powders that are sifted over the glass but fall off the sides, etc. I also have to wear a mask while using them which looks very fetching indeed.

Would you wear jewelry with fish on it? Do you  have a soft spot for certain species? Salmon might do very well up around here, for example, but some folks enjoy the more domestic species like the two goldfish above.

With that, I have a lot of glass waiting for me to be set, incorporated, used. I  hope to do that with the next week or two. Show up, get it done. Back in the saddle. It’s kind of hard, but I’m working on it.

And I dream of the new bench companion. By summer’s end, a new furry cat fuzzball will be here, another rescue. My son wants another black one. If we can find a great personality, I’m agreeing with him.