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Gathering of the Guilds 2017

It’s about a week now until I will be ready, or not, hee hee, for this year’s Gathering of the Guilds at the convention center in Portland on April 21-23.

Show info.

I’m feverishly working to finish my pieces, and hopefully will get started with final pricing and making sure I have things like sales receipts, by Monday.

This year is different, as I am participating in the show as part of the Creative Metal Arts Guild this year. I am excited to see how things go, and honestly nervous. But, I am glad to have made the move, and consider this the year I learn the new ropes.

Those of you in the Portland area, I hope you can come! If you are looking for me, I will be near the silent auction and gallery area of CMAG, NOT in the Oregon Glass Guild. But do stop by all the guilds and see all the wonderful work. I am happy that the Oregon Potter’s Association is also back this year, it should be a really wonderful event!