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Gathering of the Guilds 2018 – Whew!

I’m sitting in a small coffee shop in my town with a big decaf Americano, it’s Thursday, and I have sort of decompressed from the Gathering of the Guilds this week, and sort of not. I keep dreaming that I will sit on my couch with a lovely book, perhaps in the late afternoon sun, and breathe deeply and just READ.

It hasn’t happened yet. I have unpacked and cleaned up and re-sorted inventory, and filed receipts and cleaned equipment.  I have done all the laundry I ignored last week, and cleaned the house, and changed the sheets. I went grocery shopping so folks at home aren’t living on crackers and bananas.

The garden has been watered, weeds pulled. So, maybe, MAYBE now I can sit and decompress from the busy weekend.

It was a bigger show than ever, with over 18,000 coming through the doors. I had such a good time seeing all the wonderful work other makers and artists, and talking and eating snacks and seeing old friends and making new ones.

I had a new lighting system this year, which seemed to work quite well, but I want MORE. Part of my goal for next year is a truly self-standing system of lights, one that doesn’t interfere with the counter space or my vision of the customers, and truly lights up my work. Every year I get closer to it.


So yes, it was a successful show, with lots of fun and connections and learning, and of course, watching pieces go to happy new homes.

I’ll take the rest of the week easy, do some research, some studio cleanup, catch up on my glass drinking straw orders, and get back at it next week.

There’s lots to plan this summer, work wise, family wise, and on top of that I have a wedding to attend in my backyard, as the bride, and I suspect that will take up some time as well. =)

But I am excited for the ride now that the show is over. Online is my focus now for the rest of the year, starting with my first studio drop in June, which you will hear about well in advance.

I hope your May brings you flowers instead of showers!