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Grinding It

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One of those months I need several of me.

I am trying to get this site up and going for the Gathering of the Guilds show at the end of this month, April. So many things to do. I just finished installing a show at Art on Broadway in Beaverton, a solo show that runs all this month. So now I start over to do it again for Gathering of the Guilds. I could have been a wee bit more thoughful about planning and not had two shows in one month. It’s hectic, but it sure makes me productive in terms of creating pieces. That’s not bad at all.

There’s two of them cooling in the kiln right now. I’ve been experimenting with copper mesh and trying to get it to do what I want, which is a challenge. I think I should be better at it by now. Impatient me. I got frustrated today when yet another piece didn’t behave the way I wanted. And then I heated up the whole thing and kept at it and maybe noticed a clue in getting things to do what I want. But I won’t know for sure until the pieces are completely cooled down, which won’t happen until later tonight.

Glass, like life, is a lesson in patience. Trust the process.

Ok, right, the next step to get this site back off the ground is photos. I need to take photos of work that I have available, and past work to build an online gallery. A good cup of tea tonight and I will start working on that, in both regards.

And this site will start looking like a glass art site again. Imagine that!
Still, I need time to freeze so I can get everything done for this show. But that isn’t happening, so I just have to buckle down and grind through. In a good way. But a busy one.