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Hollow Form Pendants, Rose Cut Gemstones, oh my!

Hi everyone!

I really hope that this spring has been a time of joy for you. The world, at least here in America, is pretty tumultuous right now, and I am finding solace and calm in my immediate surroundings of friends, family, my pets, the flowers and trees coming into bloom, sunshine on my face.

It’s time to look towards summer almost, can you believe it?

I dropped off a lot of work at the Jennifer Sears Gallery in Lincoln City the other weekend, and hope to have a little more to bring out for them next weekend. And after that, I start working on website stuff, creating a method to sell directly through And getting a schedule together for that. All the while still creating, still making. Scheming.

A new seaside ring is almost complete.


I’m working on some new price points for my infrastructure collections. The hollow pieces have had great reception, but they are on the high end due to all the silver involved, so I am working on ways to make versions that aren’t as silver heavy and still delightful.

Also, I purchased my first gemstones ever! To set in my work! I am hoping to use them as accents to my glass “stones” to add extra sparkle and shine. This means they are fairly small, which makes them a challenge to set, but I am working on mastering it. I love the look of larger gemstones, but for now, I will keep them small for my work, so it’s not all crammed with gems and glass all over the place.

My son got on my glass torch for the first time! He did an excellent job and is showing interest in working with glass, which is delightful to me.  I love working on him with new things and if he wants to keep learning glass, I’m all for it. Maybe sometime he will try metalsmithing, too!

Wind Turbine pendant from the Infrastructure collection at Drift Creek Falls, OR. Renewable energy!

We are due a stretch of sunny days here in the Pacific Northwest, starting today, and I am looking very much forward to my morning coffee in the sun, a few moments of calm before digging into the work every day. I hope the sun is shining in your life as well, and I should have lots of information about buying my work online by midsummer, which isn’t that far away!