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Let the Monkeys In!

I love summer. Long, lazy days, warm evenings, lots of ice cold drinks. But, like all of those who work and are parents, I recognize and must work through the harder parts of summer…keeping your kiddo entertained and enriched, to at least a degree, during the time school is out.

So while I love the summer adventures, camping, travel, making popsicles and ice cream, riding bikes, going to the beach…. all those things do take up time when I am in the studio during the school year. It’s a lovely thing, but I am eager to get back to work.  There’s deadlines ahead!

The second and third weekends of October are when Portland Open Studios happens, and I am participating again this year. Being that I just dropped off a lot of my inventory at various places in the past month, there’s not much of a buffer of pieces for display during those two weekends. So, once school starts next week, that’s part of my priorities.

Another one is completing a full collection of work, which is not something I have done before. Most of my work has been OOAK (one of a kind), and that is something I will continue, but I also want to start working on jewelry collections. Pieces that have something in common, while running across price points. The first collection is going to be an expansion of my Infrastructure pieces. So that also is something to work with in the fall.


And lastly, always, learning. Taking what I have learned this summer in Andy Cooperman’s class, plus learning to use a new tool I invested in recently. I don’t know how to track progress on those things, but I will try to devote time to “play” to expand my skills and voice.


So, can class be in session please? Soon?! School’s in, school’s in, teacher let the monkeys in!  One week from today, it’s back to the desk  (bench) for everyone in my house. =)