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Metamorphosis (in many ways)

Where does the time go? Why do I start with such a boring, oft-said question?

Because time did go somewhere, away from me. In a good way, as I hope it was for all of you. Holidays, family, cozy warm drinks and fireplaces, hot cocoa or walks in the cold outdoors.

With the new year, things shift. As they often do. New beginnings, wrapping up old ends. The lines of those things aren’t too clear for me, a line scribed in silver is more permanent and visible to me. New designs, new dreams, new jewelry lines, new classes. New shows. New show fixtures.

Old things, old designs swept out. Old pieces taken apart to give them new life with where my work is at now.

It’s been a powerful two years for me, classes, new tools, ways to really make my work easier. New skills to practice, mountains to climb, pits to fall into.

But all of that is very much like the journey we all take, with however we make a living or spend our time.

I’ve started making larger pieces. More earrings. A new way of taking photos of my work. And I am applying to more shows. With so much going on, I will keep it brief with this one and mention one of these shows.

It’s calledMetamorphosis: Works in Metal,” jewelry and sculpture and opens tomorrow night. Feb. 7th, at the Multnomah Arts Center with a reception from 7-9 pm.

Some of the wonderful works at the gallery show

It’s a show put on by CMAG, which is a guild here in the Pacific Northwest of metalsmiths. Lots of jewelry, sculpture, wonderful works bending metal this way and that. There’s so much talent in the guild, and so much openness with ideas and techniques, problem solving, humor and fantastic snacks at the monthly meetings.

If you are local and in the neighborhood, come out and play with me! It’s First Friday as well in Multnomah Village, so there’s load of art and fun, and I would guess wine as well. =)

juicy, beautiful glass

Next time, more about changes for juiceglass and what I have been up to with new skills, new ideas, and new materials. But here’s a nice close up of some glass, because it has, and always will be, about the glass.