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New Directions

My life is so full of new directions these days. So many thoughts about where to go next, in life, work, passion, mothering, so many places, so many paths. It can feel overwhelming sometimes.

When that happens I try to take the advice of Anne Lamott’s Dad: “Bird by bird.”

One piece at a time, one small step to focus on, and then the next one.

With glass, It’s playing with rocks.

I have had an idea for awhile, and yet, even though I got some of the materials I need to work with it, I have yet to do so.

What is stopping me?

beachstoneswallink_blueskyFear of failure? Trying something new? It just seems to busy, too hard, to different?

I’m not sure. Maybe that is it, fear of failing and my new idea not being something that is an evolution of my work. But I’m smart. I know that if I never try, then failure is a 100% sure thing with this idea.

I’m going away this weekend with a bunch of other women for a Moms/women’s weekend off. I have a new knitting project, a sweater for my son, that I am going to work on while there. As well as the usual hanging out, swimming, and wine that these sorts of weekends hold. Next week, the new idea will be my bird. Bird by bird. I will start and see what happens. For surely, something will, and that is more than what would happen if I just daydreamed over my tools, as I have been doing.

I’m waiting for something to emerge. The voice spoke, the idea sparked. I should listen deep, and follow it. Trust in it. And go.