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Site overhaul imminent, Happy 2018!


A quick note, my friends. As I mentioned previously, this site is about to go through a deep overall, to help get it ready for a new look and a new way of functioning in 2018. Namely, the ability to sell directly to you as I create, with a secure, online shop. My holiday orders are wrapped up, and it’s time to focus on making this progression.

I decided to use my languishing, but hopefully still pertinent coding skills from my old web design days to turn this site into a place where I can create new work, show it to you first (especially if you are on my mailing list) and give you first shot at juiceglass jewelry before it he

ads off to the galleries.

This, will, of course, cause the site to temporarily break, look weird, etc. I am hoping to have it all taken care of by the end of January.

So, please check  in again if you see it looking awful by the end of January. Happy New Year and best wishes for all of you in 2018!