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Sunday Stretch

Busy two days ahead of me. Two days to cram as much glass in as I can. I have been playing with rocks, drills, new ideas. The Gathering of the Guilds show at the Portland Convention Center is about a month and a half away. So it’s when production really should kick in. But there’s so many other things going on, as well! A Trunk Show at the Art on Broadway Gallery, a few trips, and it’s spring break for the next two weeks, which means a lot less time to work when the kiddo is at school.


One step at a time. Right now, I’m going to go turn on the heat in the studio, get the kiln ramped up, and go have a quick coffee with a friend. Then it’s to work, to work!

Here’s the first new design with stone I have been messing with, I hope to make something more complex like this at the end of the the next 48 hours!

tumbled glass, stone, leather cord

tumbled glass, stone, leather cord