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The elusive amber glass.

I’ve sold several different colors of glass straws over the years. Yellow, pink, two greens, blue, lavender, black…and of course, colorless (clear). And… amber.

It’s nothing really exciting to look at. It works well in summer color bundles, with green for a fall/U.S. Thanksgiving feel, or with black for a nice Halloween party bundle. I sometimes make batches of straws in 4 colors, great for a party to keep track of your glass. I think I want to start doing that again now that I have some other colors available to me all at once. Sometimes, some of them aren’t easy to find, which limits my color groupings.

Amber. It's pretty stuff!

Amber. It’s pretty stuff!

Amber disappeared the width I use for my straws a couple years ago. I used up all I had, and regretfully let it go from my options. I could get it a little wider, but then that one straw would end up slightly bigger than the rest, and that just won’t do. So, I just did without.

Last week Food52 approached me with an opportunity for my straws beyond the usual colors I sell with them, which sounded like a lot of fun. They had sent me an image of the colors they wanted to use, and you can guess which color was in the mix.

I was going to have to buy glass all in the larger size to make it work, which wasn’t a horrible thing but it wasn’t the product they were used to. The difference is literally a millimeter and half a millimeter there, but I am stickler for delivering the same thing as expected.

So I started a chat online with my supplier, ready to order the other size, checking there was no way the other kind was coming in. It’s possible, they said, but it would be three months from now if it did, which wouldn’t work for my needs.  So, I was busy checking all the other colors were available one size up, when he said he found a case of it in the back of the warehouse, all alone and forgotten.

He was my hero for the day. The glass is on the way,  and I bought a lot of it so that I have extra stock for use beyond the project I’m ordering it specifically for. I suspect I will run out again and it will still be a challenge, but I’m good for a couple years now I think. =) It hasn’t arrived yet but it will take up a lot of my inventory room when it does. I don’t like to keep lots of extra glass in stock because it is so heavy and takes up so  much space, but I will be very grateful when this order arrives.