Show Prep

The Gathering of the Guilds show at the Convention Center happens next week, Friday – Sunday, the first weekend in May. That means I am in huge production mode until then, trying to get as much work done as I can. I want to have lots of stone necklaces, earrings, and straws this year. I have been having a challenge with my electroforming, so I don’t have as many of those pendants as usual, which is a shame. I still […]

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tumbled glass, stone, leather cord

Sunday Stretch

Busy two days ahead of me. Two days to cram as much glass in as I can. I have been playing with rocks, drills, new ideas. The Gathering of the Guilds show at the Portland Convention Center is about a month and a half away. So it’s when production really should kick in. But there’s so many other things going on, as well! A Trunk Show at the Art on Broadway Gallery, a few trips, and it’s spring break for […]

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It’s October! Cider and donuts and crunchy leaves. The colors are peaking on some trees right now here in Oregon, the brightest reds and oranges are afire on the trees. The days are still sometimes sunny and warm, but the rains have come as well, earlier than usual. The heat in my house has started turning on in the mornings. I treated myself to some really good, organic hot cocoa mix this week. It’s time to start burrowing in for […]

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Random Glass Fact

Glass has the quickest turnaround of any curbside product, back on store shelves in as little as 30 days.


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My life is so full of new directions these days. So many thoughts about where to go next, in life, work, passion, mothering, so many places, so many paths. It can feel overwhelming sometimes. When that happens I try to take the advice of Anne Lamott’s Dad: “Bird by bird.” One piece at a time, one small step to focus on, and then the next one. With glass, It’s playing with rocks. I have had an idea for awhile, and […]

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Dichroic Glass

Glass fusing is how I got into working with glass in the first place, back in 2002. I took a beginner fusing class at a small glass shop in California, and the love of the medium followed me to Oregon when I moved here in 2003. But it wasn’t long before I found lampworking, or torchworking, when I took a class at the Bullseye Glass Resource Center. And that was that. I unceremoniously dumped fusing for the torch, heating glass […]

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Overhaul time! It was way overdue. Spring is always a good time for a fresh start. And yes, I know, it is still really winter, but when the daffodil bulbs start popping up out of the ground, like they have started to here already, I just can’t help but get caught up in the “new life” feeling.   More later, since this is just a test of the blog category menu for the new site. =)

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One of those months I need several of me. I am trying to get this site up and going for the Gathering of the Guilds show at the end of this month, April. So many things to do. I just finished installing a show at Art on Broadway in Beaverton, a solo show that runs all this month. So now I start over to do it again for Gathering of the Guilds. I could have been a wee bit more […]

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